If you are 16 or over I can pierce you, but you will need photographic ID if you appear . If you are under then you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A note from "mum" wont work!




I say "you tell me".  With any process that breaks the skin you will feel some sensation,

some people cope with this better than others.  Your body will cope better if you are more relaxed

(try no to think about it too much). Make sure you have eaten before you come in. You need energy to cope

with the adrenaline that your body will produce.  Hangovers & comedowns are not the best physical states to be in when getting pierced, nor is being stoned.  If you are drunk I will not pierce you as alcohol thins the blood & inhibits clotting.



As long as piercings are carried out in hygienic conditions by people who know what they are

doing & using appropriate jewellery, then yes. There are some places on the body I will not pierce as they could be very problematic.


ARE YOU REGISTERED AND LICENSED?                                                             

I am registered & licensed with Cotswold District Council Environmental Health Department, & I am subject to yearly inspections.  I have public liability insurance & I am clinically registered.  I completed a

UK registered, reputable course & I passed my Exam 1st time making me fully certified & 

prepared to pierce. 



Opinion varies from person to person, again it seems to be more of a case that some people cope better than others.  Just because it was painful for your 'mate' does not mean it will be as painful for you.  But I aim to make the process as painless as possible. I do offer a numbing cream which can be purchased & applied an hour before the piercing.  Ask me for more details about this.             


HOW DO I LOOK AFTER A NEW PIERCING?                                                            

I will give you written aftercare instructions after each piercing. I recommend using boiled

salt water which you can mix yourself (small tea spoon of salt to one cup of HOT BOILED water) Do not use antiseptics unless there is an infection as this slows down the healing process. If your piercing does become infected then SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE!


WILL IT GET INFECTED?                                                                             

I do everything possible to avoid cross contamination. When you leave the shop with your

new piercing it is up to you to follow the aftercare instructions & keep the piercing clean.

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